Maker's Manifesto

When you buy my ceramics, 

. . . you support a business that uses 100% domestic (United States) clay, some of which I find and process directly from my home by the banks of the Chattahoochee River.

. . . you support a business that chooses less internet traffic and fewer sales rather than rely on a popular third party internet platform who siphons your personal information and buying habits to create a profile used to independently market and advertise to you.

. . . you support a business that does not practice low-cost mass production with the end goal of increasing consumption through planned obsolescence. 

. . . you support a business that does not factory-produce in a low-income area, use petroleum-subsidized mass shipping out to storefronts in wealthy areas, and support the type of social segregation that contributes to inequality (ex. funding disparities in public school districts).

. . . you support a business that does not abuse social programs by compensating employees so poorly they still qualify for housing, food stamps, and child care assistance.

. . . you support a business committed to using biodegradable shipping, post-consumer recycled packaging, ethically-sourced decorating mineral pigments, and food-safe glazes. 

. . . you push back on the ruinous price point that exists in most folks’ minds about the worth of ceramic items due to the corporate welfare of hidden tax breaks, subsidies, and loopholes used to mass produce and mass ship so that only other wealthy folks with large starting financial reserves can compete on price. 

. . . you say “fuck you” to the economy of cheap, disposable shit that was created within the last few generations.

Thank you for your purchase. 💖