About the Artist

the artist mixing glazeI took my first college wheel throwing class in 2013 in Hawai'i.

Right off the bat, I loved everything about ceramic art - my hands' working in sync with the wheel's torque, the way bisque firing extracts the skeletal form, how glazing resurrects what began as a piece of dried earth. I was smitten with the inherently complex and  experimental nature of the process. I knew then I would be touching clay for the rest of my life, or die trying.


Since that first class, I spun my wheels in a broad taxonomy of careers. Technical writing, web developing, infrastructure engineering, labor organizing. I really enjoyed the technical nature of the work in most of these jobs, but none of it ever felt right. 


Then suddenly, a friend of mine who I hadn't talked to in a while died of a brain tumor. A real gem of a person whom I loved dearly. I've had people close to me pass away before, but this time it felt different. I was utterly crushed. Life is so short. Why am I not doing what I love? 

the artist wheelthrowingI kept my day job long enough to defray the costs of my first batch of supplies and a kiln. And then I used all that tech knowledge I gleaned over the years to set up this website. And things must be working out alright because here you are, reading my bio and thinking about supporting all this - a small batch potter chasing the dream of a life well-lived.

So thank you. Thank you for ordering and being a part of my story. Your purchase is meaningful to me because it allows me to continue doing the work that I love. You matter to me, and you matter to my small business.


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