Dasher Holiday Cheese Board Set

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Dasher leaps away without a care. Dasher planned ahead the max amount of time to stay at the function. Dasher has healthy boundaries. Be like Dasher.

Curved handle shape on one edge. Slightly raised lip all around. Forest and cherry glazes over speckled stoneware. Fired to over 2100 degrees.

Measurements are roughly the same for each individual piece:

  • 6.75" long
  • 5" to 6" wide
  • 1" to "0.5 tall 

This piece was made as a set of two in case one needs to be left behind. Save yourself!

100% food-safe, oven-safe, microwave-safe. Top rack dishwasher-safe. As with all ceramics, to prolong the life of this piece as an heirloom-quality item, avoid commercially manufactured temperature changes (ex. directly from oven to freezer).

Handcrafted in the USA using domestically-sourced clay and glazes.

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