Cosmic Husk - Terra Sigillata Saggar Planter

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Beginning at the bottom, the terra sigillata hazily covers the starlike magnesium specks.

The steel wool pattern begins near the base in dark gauzy pools and moves upwards. These dark spaces always thin, breaking into sharper, longer, more vertical-oriented lines. 

The steel-burned lines radiate upwards, thinning gradually in the "atmosphere" at the top of the piece. At the top near the rim, the starlike magnesium specs are sharpest.

These distinct specs are swallowed into the interior as they pass over the rim's edge - the event horizon. 


The base clay is cone 6 speckled stoneware, covered with a very thick application of terra sigillata, attached found materials, and steel wool.

Saggar coloring is from reduction firing in a base of hay and pine chips.

The thick application of terra sigillata was burned off on the upper sections to create atmospheric spaces on the top and bottom of the exterior to reveal magnesium specs of the clay. 

The interior was thoroughly coated with a sharp, dark platinum shine glaze and electric fired.

Outside is coated with a zinc-free clear coat to ensure the piece maintains a water-tight seal.

Bisque fired to 1922°. Colorant-fired in high-fire saggar to 1742°. Internal and clear coat glazed and fired on stilts to 2165°. 

  • hand-built cylinder
  • 1 liter liquid capacity 
  • 16" circumference
  • 4.5" tall

Handcrafted in the USA using domestically-sourced clay and glazes.

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