Southern Storm Wine Chiller

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Functional art at it's best - as a conversation-starter! Shown with a standard-sized champagne bottle.

Usage: No need for ice. Chill the bottle with the chiller and the ceramic exterior will retain and radiate the cool. There is room for a small amount of ice if you're a creature of habit, but it's not needed.

This piece is saggar-fired in a base of hay and wood chips. All coloring comes from reduction firing of natural found materials, metals, and carbonates.

  • Sky coloring was achieved by saturating pine straw and hemp rope in cobalt carbonate, and attaching with cotton cordage.
  • Lightning gestures were created in using manipulated copper wire. It was unraveled, cut, and carefully placed to mimic sharp, vertical-bending lines.
  • Hail/Rain gestures are derived from the maturation of manganese specks in the stoneware clay's base upon firing at cone 6 temperature.
  • Earth gesture was achieved by stretching extra fine steel wool to baby-fine hairlike thinness and stretching it to encircle the bottom of the piece. 

I then coated inside and out with a zinc-free clear coat to ensure the chiller maintains a water-tight seal.

Bisque fired to 1922°. Colorant-fired in high-fire saggar to 1742°. Clear coat glazed to 2165°. 

  • hand-built cylinder
  • 40 oz liquid capacity (2.5 pints)
  • 14.5" circumference
  • 6" tall

Handcrafted in the USA using domestically-sourced clay and glazes.

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