Sun/Moon & Moth Dowsing Board

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Pendulum board for all your divination needs. The sun/moon symbolizes a merging of opposites, unity, and cooperation over conflict. The moth symbolizes transformation, endings, change, and the mystery of the night.

Hedge witch handcrafted, hand-etched, and hand painted using 100% USA clay and glazes.


  • 1" tall
  • 5-6" wide
  • pendulum not included


  1. Sit before your dowsing board with an open mind. Meditate on acceptance of the response you are about to receive from the forces of the universe. Relax your shoulders and exhale.
  2. Call to mind a clear question. 
  3. Hang a pendulum of your power stone above the board, directly in the middle.
  4. Ask the question in your heart and swing the pendulum. 
  5. When the pendulum stops, interpret the insight. 

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