"Worthy of Golden Unicorns" Appetizer / Cake Plates

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Do you know someone that makes utterly outstanding food? Someone who never phones it in while cooking? Someone who labors for hours in the kitchen for the sole purpose of witnessing your enjoyment? I designed and created this plate set with that person in mind. 

You've probably tried to reciprocate somehow. When you're invited over you ask, "what can I bring?" This person probably says things like, "oh nothing" or, "just bring yourself," but wouldn't these plates make a nice gift?

"What's this? 😍 🥹 YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE." 

Set of two appetizer / dessert plates. Hand-painted Medium Rare indie shop glaze on deep, rich, dark red stoneware results in a chocolate base. Each plate features Pollock-esque decorative white slip drip and center detailing of a fancy well-fed trotting unicorn. Raw stoneware underside. Glaze fired to over 2100°.

  • 6" circumference
  • 1" lip
  • 0.5" tall

100% food-safe, oven-safe, microwave-safe, and dishwasher-safe.
Handcrafted in the USA using domestically-sourced clay and glazes.

Decals are printed in the USA using high-quality ethically-sourced stable mineral pigments.

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